Flittermouse Films, in an effort to do our part to support the winged, little guys that give us our name, have partnered with the great people at Bat World Sanctuary, Inc. to adopt and sponsor one of the many bats they have worked so tirelessly to rescue. This bat, who is now the official mascot of Flittermouse Films, is not just any bat, however. Our new mascot is Lil' Drac, and he is the little bat who rocked a million hearts! Check out the incredible story of our new buddy below!

Flittermouse Films' celebrates our new mascot, Lil' Drac!

An orphan short-tailed fruit bat hand-raised by Bat World Sanctuary. For Lil' Drac's book please see https://batworldstore.org/ For updates, photos and more please see https://www.facebook.com/batworld. Music: White Horse by Brian Crain: http://briancrain.com/ . Thank you, Brian, for allowing us to use your beautiful music!
Lil' Drac, Part II. An orphaned short-tailed fruit bat hand-raised by Bat World Sanctuary volunteers. Music is Wild River by Brian Crain: http://briancrain.com/. For more information about Lil' Drac please see http://www.batworld.org/adopt-a-bat-now/. To purchase a Lil' Drac key ring that "rocks": https://www.batworld.org/shop/lil-drac-key-ring/. Purchase a 'Bats Are Deserving' wrist band at http://shop.vamplets.com/.
Lil' Drac, a hand-raised orphaned fruit bat, taught himself to fly over and grab a piece of melon during "treat time", a morning ritual provided for the fruit bats at Bat World Sanctuary.
The fruit bats at Bat World get a piece of honeydew as a treat both morning and night (there's also honeydew or cantaloupe in their food dishes but they look forward to a treat as well). Lil Drac prefers to snag his piece while doing a fly-by. For more information please see http://www.batworld.org/lil-drac/.

To learn more about our new mascot and the fantastic work the people at Bat World Sanctuary, Inc. do to rehabilitate and help bats in need, check out their website by clicking the button below!