Who We Are


Adrian Ferrara

Adrian Ferrara is a 2011 graduate of Tulane University where he received Bachelor of Arts degrees in both film studies and digital media production. Through Flittermouse Films, Adrian has produced, written, and directed several award-winning short films, as well as the award-winning feature film "Rules We Live By". Likewise, several of Adrian's spec scripts have received acclaim at competitions and festivals, including his screenplay "Milk Thistle" that won Best Action/Adventure Screenplay at the 2016 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival and his screenplay "Homesick" that was named a Finalist in the 2018 New Orleans Film Festival. With his newest short film, QUACK, Adrian hopes to establish himself as a presence in the world of independent horror.

Adrian has worked on a number of projects with me, and in each case, he delivered exactly what I was looking for. He is easy to work with and takes instructions well. I intend to hire Adrian on future projects as they arise.
— Dom Musso, Owner/Operator of Personal Life History Production Services, Inc.
Total package when it comes to screenwriting. Adrian can develop a story really fast just by hearing one idea. I love the way his creative mind thinks when he is developing a character. More than a pleasure to work with, and I always contact him when I have a film project. Such an extreme pleasure to work with Adrian. He can take a small synopsis of a story and evolve it into a full-length script within minutes. I like the way Adrian thinks when he is writing a story, his creative ideas, and the way he writes from a male or female perspective is just genius. Highly recommend Adrian to work on any film project, and I am glad he is on my team.
— Gary Tucker, Owner/Director of Framing the Shot Productions
The demo reel of producer / director / screenwriter Adrian Ferrara. Contact at flittermousefilms@gmail.com or visit flittermousefilm.com for more information. Thanks!

Gavin Ferrara

Gavin Ferrara was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri where he began his acting career and followed it to New Orleans, Louisiana in 2014.  He has written, produced, starred in, and donned supporting roles in several productions, both on the stage and screen.  In 2014, he arrived in New Orleans to work alongside his cousin, Adrian Ferrara, in running Flittermouse Films. The two had grown up together like brothers and dreamed of making their own movies together from a young age.  The two are the fifth generation of their family to work in show business, and they continue their work endlessly.    

The demo reel of actor Gavin Ferrara. To contact, please, email: gavin.chris87@gmail.com